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Entering your Travel Team in a Tournament:
Coach Responsibilities:

  • Determine if you have enough interested players to enter your team in a tournament.  Coaches may combine teams to form one tournament team if they don’t have enough players on their own.
  • Let your team parents know the fee required of them for their child to participate in the tournament.  See estimates in examples below.
  • Register the team on the tournament website.  Read all general information and tournament rules.
  • Pay the registration fee.  You will get reimbursement from your players.
  • Purchase trading patches ($1 each) from DYS Patch Person - presently Bob Gilmore, . - Click here for form - Each player has a patch in hand to trade with a player on the other team at the end of each game.  This cost should be factored into the fee per player.
  • Communicate with DYS Registrar, Kerry Eon  to obtain certified roster required at tournament registration. 
  • Distribute a Medical Release form for the tournament to each player.  Collect signed copy from each player to be submitted at the team registration which usually takes place the night before the tournament.  Players may not participate without a signed Medical Release.
  • Once available, distribute game schedule to the team and let players know how early you need them to arrive at each game.
  • Have Fun!
U10 Team Fee Example:                              U12 Team Fee Example:
Team Registration Fee            $325                       Team Registration Fee        $375
            Trading Patches:                                              Trading Patches:
4 games @ 15 per game          $60                       4 games @ 17 per game      $68
  Total Fees                           $385                                 Total Fees                        $443              
Divided by 10 Players                                   Divided by 12 Players   
= fee per player                  $38.50                      = fee per player                  $37