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Do I need to register my child for each season?
No - When members register for the fall they are also registering for the spring. The fee you pay in the fall is a yearly fee and covers both seasons (fall & spring).
Q How long does a season last?
A An Intramural season lasts 8 weeks fall/spring but occasional can be extended or shortened by 1 week due to field availability or weather.
Q When are games played?
A Grade 1 to 4 participate in games on Sunday afternoons between 1 and 4 pm. Pre-K/Kindergarten Fundamentals do not participate in formal games - Click Here for Fundamentals FAQ's
Q When are practices?
A Grade 1 to 4 practice 2 times per week. Practices, also referred to as "training sessions", on the weekdays take place after 5 pm and Saturday practices are in AM before 12 pm.  - Click Here for Fundamentals Practice Info
Q Should my child attend DYS all practices?
A Yes, at a young age practices are more important than games.
Q What should my child bring to games and practices?
A It is important that all children bring plenty of water to practices and games. In addition children should always bring the proper size soccer ball, wear shin pads inside of socks, and proper footwear and uniform.
Q What size ball should by child be using?

Size 3 is the official soccer ball for toddlers and young children - Pre-K to 8 years old.

Size 4 is the standard soccer ball for kids aged between 9 and 11 years old.

Size 5, is standard for youth players when they reach the age of 12. Size 5 is also the ball used in high school soccer.

Q Is the size of the soccer ball my child plays with really that important?
A Yes - Players should train with ball relative to size of their feet/body so they learn how to properly use all surfaces of the foot to control the ball when receiving, dribbling and shooting.
Q Where can I find Intramural practice and game schedules?

Practice and Games schedules can be found under the "Teams" tab on the DYS homepage. Select your player's age group and team or group to find their schedule for the season. A master schedule for all Intramural Training Sessions is also posted under the "Programs" tab in the "Intramural" section for each season.


How do we know if a game or practice is canceled because of the weather?

A Because the fields are owned by the Town Of Danvers we must adhere to their policies if the fields are closed due to inclement weather.  In the event of inclement weather you can check the Field Status box on the DYS homepage. If a field is listed as "closed" no sessions will be played on that field for the day. Click Here for full DYS Inclement Weather Policy.
Q Where can I purchase a uniform?
A Uniforms can be purchase on-line at the DYS Apparel Store - Click Here for Full Uniform Information

How can I help DYS as a parent?

A DYS is a volunteer organization and DYS has many volunteer opportunities.  Please speak with your child’s coach or contact DYS for further information.
Q How do I become a volunteer coach?
A DYS is always looking for a commitment as well as assistance from volunteers.  If interested in coaching please fill out an coaching application.  Someone from DYS will be in contact with you.  DYS conducts a C.O.R.I. check on all volunteers.
Q How can I sign up my child for tournament play?
A If you frequently check the DYS webpage there will be current tournament information and steps to register your child.  You can also speak with your child’s coach about any upcoming events. Intramural Tournament Policy
Q Does DYS offer any winter programs?
A Yes, DYS currently offers winter training for both boys & girls. For more information see your coach or program listing on website.
Q Does DYS have indoor soccer teams?
A DYS does not currently coordinate indoor soccer teams, but many coach’s affiliated with DYS volunteer their own time and manage/coach a winter indoor soccer team.  These teams are not affiliated with DYS.