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Danvers Youth Soccer town program aims at enhancing the player experience. DYS would like to make sure all our players learn the game and develop to their fullest potential. Players develop through activities like playing & practicing, which are lead by our coaches. When coaching, the focus should be all about developing the players, not wins & losses. It is the responsibility of all coaches to better learn the game and develop those players you have the honor to coach. It is our responsibility to embrace the curriculum and use the tools provided to you to make sure we are teaching our players age appropriate skills.

 A critical aspect of this implementation is ensuring that our volunteer coaches are knowledgeable of the game, have a strong support system for guidance, and focus on player development and the experience of each child. That process will be reinforced on the fields by a Director of DYS Coaching (DOC).

The DOC will be present at all Grade 1 to Grade 4 practices assisting the coaches and also will take the time to conduct a weekly skills training session for the U12 & U14 age groups, but the main focus will be our intramural program. The DOC will guide coaches and suggest age appropriate skill development drills, and specific practice sessions. The DOC will be a Coach for the Coaches, rather than someone to run practices. The DOC will also assess and develop processes around player assessments, tryouts for travel teams, and other DYS directed work aimed at improving the player experience.


If accepting a team (Roster) you are expected to meet these guidelines below, if you can not or will not meet these guidelines then please notify us that you are unable to except the coaching responsibilities expected of you.


2: Be on time

3: All coaches are to bring equipment and first aid kit to each training session & game

4: We have a curriculum; (Read it, Learn it and Use it) Our curriculum is all about long term & age appropriate development. Teach/Coach what should be taught at each age. Following the correct steps, building that foundation to make sure all players learn and grow as a player correctly.

5: Coaching Education: You can be a good coach even if you have not played the game. Coaches need to take the extra time to get educated, learn what needs to be taught at the age group you are coaching, learn how to demonstrate or communicate those skills and recognize bad technique. The DOC will provide a few on the field coaching sessions each season (attendance will be taken). 

6: Coaching Licenses: DYS would like all intramural coaches to receive their G and F licenses. If you plan on being a head travel coach an E License is highly recommended. Having these licenses will help your chance to be a head travel team coach if you choose to and also shows that you are willing to learn the game so you can develop children.

to train/learn/develop more per week. Coaches please, if you are available please assist the DOC during the Skills training sessions.

7: When coaching (games & practices) please dress in appropriate coaching gear.

8: When you are selected to coach a team in DYS, you need to do your best to get your team into any local tournaments (Memorial Day, Labor Day & Columbus Day)

9: We encourage all coaches to please be involved in the volunteer activities of all events hosted by DYS (DIT & Veterans Day).  You can also join a number of DYS committees and assist in the planning phases of many of our activities.

10: Travel coaches are expected to provide 2 TEAM practices a week. We are hoping that the DOC will have time to provide an individual skills training session per week, which the coaches are also obligated to inform your team/s about so they have the option and opportunity

11: Team Travel Player Evaluations must be done before Travel Tryout Evaluations take place in late May, early June. Travel Coach’s are obligated to turn them into the travel director so the travel committee can be prepared to make sure the bubble players are paired together and ability based groups are formed during Try-outs.

12: Intramural coaches must attend the group combined practices. Attendance will be taken. Attendance will help the selection of future travel coach positions.

13: Intramural Player Evaluations: Age group coaches are obligated to meet as a group to rank each player in order of ability once at the end of the fall season and again at the end of the spring season. Why: 1: see if players are growing. 2: execute ability based group practice sessions. 3: help keep teams balanced. The U10 spring player evaluations need to be done by late May, before Travel Tryout Evaluations take place in late May to help the travel committee prepared for. 

Thank You for Coaching
Mike Blanch
Director of Coaches Education & Player Development

 Updated February 2014