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Danvers Youth Soccer

P.O Box 428

Danvers, MA 01923



Board of Directors  Updated November 2022
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Position Name
Jon Sherman
Amy Cangiano
Lou Delafano
Desiree Wynott
Secretary Dayna D'Angelo
Andrew Godfried
Nate Lamar
Kristen Poto
Brendan Piscitello
Tim Burrill
Director of Fields and Equipment TBD
Director of Coaching (DOC) Sam Patel
Director- At Large Mike Randall
Director- At Large Mike Blanch
Director- At Large Mandy Blodgett
Director- At Large Sean Ciancarelli
Director- At Large Josh Messenger
Director -At Large Sharon Clement
Associate Director Sam Chambers
Associate Director Jeff Chambers
Associate Director Janet Gargan
Associate Director Sherry Frost
Associate Director Stephanie Dicristoforo
Associate Director Daryl Achilles
Associate Director Alicia Ramsdell